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Laminar IP respects your privacy. We take the task of protecting your personal information very seriously. Your use of our website or our services signifies implied agreement to this Privacy Policy.

We collect and use personal information only to the extent permitted by law, particularly the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles, which Laminar IP is subject to. Our website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites that are not managed by us, and therefore not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

‘Personal information’ referred to in this Privacy Policy consists of any information or opinion that identifies you or that will enable your identity to be reasonably ascertained. Personal information can include your name and contact details such as your residential or postal address, email address or your telephone number.

Information which cannot be reasonably linked to your identity (e.g. IP address, browser information, favourite websites or the number of users of a website) does not constitute personal information and is not regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The personal information that we collect is primarily related to our services. The personal information collected may vary depending on your particular interaction with Laminar IP but will be limited to the information necessary to record and manage our interaction with you or as permitted or required by law.

If we provide you (or an entity related to you) with credit, we may also collect and hold credit information and credit eligibility information about you. Without limitation, this may include credit reports, identification information, consumer credit liability information, details of amounts payable to us and the terms of the relevant credit, and information relating to payments made, default information and payment information.

By providing personal information and/or continuing to engage with Laminar IP, you consent to your personal information being collected, used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Each time you visit our website, our web servers automatically save the name of your browser and operating system, your IP address, your Internet Service Provider, the website from which you accessed our website, the webpages you visit while with us and the date and time you spend on our website.

Laminar IP’s servers save this information for security purposes. We may also evaluate anonymous or de-identified data sets for statistical purposes.

Personal information may be collected through our website. We will only collect personal information that you provide us and you are entirely free to decide whether or not to supply this information.

If you contact us, personal information about you may be collected. Personal information that may be collected about you includes:

  • your name and contact details (eg. address, telephone number, business and professional details (if applicable) etc.); and
  • the nature of your enquiry.

Occasionally, we may also collect personal information about you from third parties. For example, we may collect personal information about you from an entity related to you or credit eligibility information about you from Credit Reporting Bodies (CRBs) if we provide you (or an entity related to you) with credit.

Disclosure and Use of Personal Information

The personal information that we hold is generally kept confidential. However, in servicing our clients, we may be required to disclose personal information to certain third parties which may include:

  • governmental offices (such as IP Australia);
  • a Court (such as the Federal Court of Australia);
  • other persons (such as agents and associates in foreign countries);
  • our clients (where information has been provided to us by someone other than our client); and
  • if we are providing you (or an entity related to you) with credit, CRBs, trade insurers and businesses assisting us with providing credit.

We do not disclose personal information for the purpose of third party direct marketing.

We only disclose personal information to third parties (such as agents and associates in foreign countries) where we are instructed to do so by our clients in relation to their matters or as may be required by law.

The CRBs we may deal with include Dun and Bradstreet ( Copies of their privacy policy dealing with how they manage credit-related personal information can be found on their websites or by contacting them via telephone.

However, notwithstanding the above, you acknowledge that by providing us with your personal information, you agree to the disclosure of your personal information to third parties operating outside of Australia. You acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable to you for any breach of the Privacy Act by these overseas third parties on the basis that you consent to such disclosure.

If you fail to make a payment to Laminar IP as and when due or commit a serious credit infringement, we may disclose details of such events to CRBs. A CRB may use such information in reports given to other credit providers to help assess your creditworthiness. You have certain rights to request that CRBs do not use or disclose credit reporting information about you if you believe on reasonable grounds you have been or are likely to be a victim of fraud. You should contact the CRB directly using the contact details above if you wish to request this.


Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer by web servers when you visit certain websites. This website uses cookies to allow us to identify regular visitors and collects information about your usage of the website. They do not collect nor store any personal information. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a user’s browser. Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. However, you can turn off the ‘Save Cookies’ function or set your browser so that it informs you whenever cookies are transmitted.


We use a variety of technical measures to ensure the security of all archived data. The security of our systems is regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing protection against damage, loss and/or unauthorised access. Our security precautions are regularly updated and improved in line with technical developments.

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, so we cannot give an absolute assurance that the information you provide to us will be secure at all times. Laminar IP will not be held responsible for unauthorised access to personal information where it has taken reasonable steps to protect and secure that information.

Access, Correction and Deletion Rights

You are entitled to request access to your personal information held by Laminar IP and to correct your personal information if you believe it to be out of date or incorrect. Simply send an e-mail to the address prescribed below and we will amend your personal information accordingly.

If you wish to stop receiving any communications from us and have your personal information deleted, please let us know and we will take all reasonable steps to delete it, unless we need to keep it for legal reasons.

In addition, if you have any concerns about how your personal information has been collected, used or disclosed, you can contact us using the contact details below and we will do our best to address your concerns to ensure that you are satisfied that there have been no breaches of privacy laws in relation to any personal information we hold about you.

Personal information that is obsolete and no longer required will automatically be destroyed except where required for data analysis purposes. If it is used for such purposes, the personal information will be de-identified.

Making a Complaint

If you have any concerns about how your personal information has been collected, used or disclosed, and you wish to make a complaint about a possible breach of privacy laws, you can contact us using the contact details below.

We will investigate your concerns and take any necessary steps to resolve your complaint. We may need to contact you if we need further information to investigate your complaint and will advise you of the outcome of the investigation as soon as it is completed. We will endeavour to investigate and resolve your complaint within 30 days after receiving your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you can contact us again to discuss your concerns, or you may complain to the Australian Privacy Commissioner via

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Visitors to this website are responsible for consulting this page on a regular basis to inform themselves of any amendments that may have been made.

Contact Us

If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or if you have a problem or complaint that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us by email to

This Privacy Policy is current as at January 2023.