Obtaining trade mark protection in Australia and overseas

>> Obtaining trade mark protection

Registration of a trade mark

To start the trade mark registration process, a trade mark application is filed. After filing, the trade mark application will undergo examination to determine whether the trade mark satisfies the registration requirements. Once accepted, the trade mark will be advertised and, if a third party does not oppose the trade mark, the trade mark will be registered. 

For more information, please refer to the flow chart for the Australian trade mark application process.

Pursuing trade mark protection overseas

If you wish to pursue trade mark protection overseas, a separate trade mark application will need to be filed in each overseas country or region of interest. Alternatively, an ‘International Application’ may be filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation nominating the overseas countries or regions in which protection is sought. Each overseas trade mark application or International Application will then be examined according to the trade mark laws and regulations of the particular Trade Mark Office in each country or region.

If you have any questions or require assistance with obtaining trade mark protection in Australia and/or overseas, please contact our trade mark attorneys at mail@laminarip.com.